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Entries Closed

 We thank all of our wineries for entering the 40th All Canadian Wine Championships. Watch here for results July 25th.

The Artist’s words……


The passion of the art of winemaking

is the inspiration for this award.

The soil, the fruit, the blood

are all represented  in the award through

the use of both colour and form.

 The colour, a deep red with a touch of black

and purple, alludes to the wine,

to the soil, the fruit and to the blood

of the winemaker, where the passion lives.

The form has five fingers,

as does a hand and holds a sphere representing

the fruit. The piece operates as a lens,

projecting an intense spot of light onto

the surface. This is that ethereal aspect of

the art~ that theory about wine and the art

of making it can never be adequately described

or articulated, but of which

every winemaker knows.



John Paul Robinson

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