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ACWC 2010 Synopsis

With the 2010 edition of the All Canadian Wine Championships judging having just wrapped up and the results now in, it gives me great pleasure to share our insiders’ impressions of the event. We have to begin by remarking that with 1,143 wines in the event yet another record was set, with wines entered literally from coast to coast. Not just the size of this field, but the remarkable consistency of the wines competing made a truly exciting experience for our panels of judges. Quality has never been so high from all regions and as a result the scores were extremely close for all categories making even those wines that did not receive awards deserving of much credit.

This consistency across regions is evident in the medal results as you may see on the ACWC website and especially in the diverse trophy representation.

–          B.C ‘s. reds once again impressed, with Desert Hill’s 2006 Select Syrah winning top spot.

–          Ontario’s Hernder Estate $8.95 2007 Riesling wowed the judges as “Best Value of the Year”.

–          Quebec’s Vignoble du Marathonien 2008 Vendage Tardive Vidal  was the choice for “Dessert Wine of the Year”

–          Ontario’s Applewood Farm Winery’s delicious Madrigal Mead won in the fruit category.

–          2006 Cuvee Peter F. Huff from Prince Edward County took the trophy in the ever-growing sparkling wine category

–          “White Wine of the Year” went to the 2009 Pinot Blanc from B.C’s. Lake Breeze Winery

Since 1981 the All Canadian Wine Championships has been considered the country’s leading wine competition and we are proud to annually provide you with this guide to the best wines Canada has to offer. We hope you use the information you find here to help you discover these remarkable wines and meet the talented craftspeople who create them for you.   We encourage you to enjoy the wines of your home regions but also to travel and discover all the wine regions of Canada. Once again we congratulate not only the All Canadian Wine Championships award winners but all the competing wineries for their continued excellence and dedication!

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