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Thankyou to the 217 wineries that entered the 2021 All Canadian Wine Championships. After some initial COVID related delay here in Picton and working within the strict Hastings/Prince Edward pandemic protocols, we were able to get the job done outside, under the big tent. The setting may have changed, but the process remained the same - three days critiquing 1365 Canadian wines within almost 50 medal categories and then a second round of judging for the Trophies. Congratulations to all our award winners and please allow me to give a shout-out to the cideries! It was a big year for this group, with 85 entries and a new trophy dedicated to that category!

The past 18 months have seen lots of ups and downs but we were truly thrilled to come together once again to taste the country's best wines! We are looking forward to a great 2021 vintage for all Canadian winemakers......

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